30 Days

Well, here we are. Thirty days. Funny, I thought I would be just elated. Doing cartwheels. I’m not. It’s just another day. Perhaps because I kept this so close, there is no one to share the achievement with, but that was by choice. I’m okay with that. I told exactly three people about my 30 … More 30 Days

Who would I be?

I was reading an online article the other day (and I forget what it was or what the context was or when it was or what site it was because I CAN’T SEEM TO REMEMBER ANYTHING THESE DAYS!) when a thought occurred to me: What would my life be like if I stopped trying to … More Who would I be?


Heading into the final weekend of my 30Days, I am feeling a bit reflective. I’ve noticed a lot of changes – most of them pretty subtle, but the cumulative effect is worth noting. Now, I know I haven’t reached the magic number yet, but since weekends are always the most trying, I am hoping that … More 23


Oh I SO wanted a glass of wine tonight. My mood was in the dumpster all afternoon after a conversation with a family member. There are worries/concerns that a loved one may be exhibiting signs of dementia. Distance makes being helpful a non starter. The fear for the future is sad and unsettling. Then husband … More Day22

Good vs Good

Things I’m good at when I’m drinking: Dancing – Not surprising Procrastinating – I take this to a whole new level when hungover Consuming large meals – aka fuckit meals Online shopping Daydreaming during conversations Things I’m good at when I’m not drinking: My job Listening Organizing Focusing Remembering – conversations, mental to-do lists, what … More Good vs Good


Being Present is often touted as one of the gifts of sobriety. This is a gift I don’t always want. I am a social worker in a long-term care home. (That’s what we’re calling nursing homes these days.) I do not call myself, nor do I consider myself, a therapist. However, I do have some … More Present